REDD, Tactical OC/CS Pepper Spray - 1/2 oz. Stream & Jogger Holster

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  • Experience and Innovation: Developed by a retired Correctional Sergeant and Army Veteran (30 years combined service).
  • Package Includes: (1) REDD Tactical OC/CS Pepper Spray - 1/2 oz. Stream (Twist Top) and (1) Jogger Holster.
  • Pepper Spray: Powerful Formula, Extremely effective, 2% Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) pepper rated at 2 million SHU, augmented with 1% military grade CS tear gas makes Redd the most intense, incapacitating product available today.Stream delivery system with 10 ft. distance; Convenient clear sleeve key ring; Twist top safety helps prevent accidental discharge; Ultraviolet dye for suspect identification; Nonflammable formula and 3 year shelf life.
  • Our premium pepper spray holster is designed so you can keep your self defense spray ready to be used, the moment you need it. Safely Jog, hike or walk your dog while still having your pepper spray ready to fire!
  • Holster Includes: Two removable pepper spray elastic holders (small 1/2 oz - 3/4 oz. and large 1.5 oz. - 4 oz). The two removable holders have Velcro backing that can also be used in other locations to secure your self defense spray.
  • Secure & Comfortable: The holster strap is configurable for use on the right or left hand.
  • REDD Pepper Spray and Jogger Holster are both proudly made in the USA.